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When and where the event is taking place?

The Hockey World Cup is from 28 Nov 2018 – 16 Dec 2018, in Bhubaneswar, Odisha at Kalinga Stadium.


Are bags or backpacks allowed into the stadium?

Yes, small bags and backpacks are permitted. Please note that all bags are subject to be searched by Security upon entry into the stadium. Guests carrying prohibited items will be denied entry and no refunds provided.

Is there accessible parking at the stadium?

There are a limited number of accessible parking spots available at the stadium. It is recommended that you arrive as early as possible to secure a spot

How much does parking cost?

There is no cost for parking.

Once inside, am I able to leave the stadium?

There are no in/out privileges in Kalinga Stadium. Once you leave the stadium you may not re-enter except for emergencies.

Does Kalinga Stadium provide WiFi?

No. Kalinga Stadium does not provide WiFi.

How are Kalinga Stadiums seats arranged by numbers, letters and rows?

The seats at the stadium do not have numbers. You have to find the name of the gallery and get your seat there in a first come first serve basis.

Can Kalinga Stadium verify tickets I bought from a reseller?

No. The only way to verify authenticity is to have the ticket scanned at the gate on the day of the event. But Kalinga Stadium strongly recommends that guests purchase tickets from authorized ticket vendor for events at the Stadium.

Can I bring a selfie-stick?

Yes you can bring Selfie-sticks to the stadium.

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